How it works ?


In order to retain the services of our law firm for fiduciary and escrow transactions, the following steps will be adopted:

  • As with any business relationship with our firm, the identification of the client and of the parties to the contract will be carried out. This approach is required in a spirit of transparency and customer due diligence – KYC (Know Your Client).
  • Thereafter, a written mandate will be completed and clear and precise instructions will be agreed upon by all parties to the agreement, prior to the acceptance of virtual funds by our firm.
  • Over the course of the transaction, the lawyer-trustee will ensure the proper execution of the agreement is carried out, and will ultimately release the funds according to the instructions previously issued by the parties.


  • Our services are intended for a civil, commercial and estate clientele, for transactions with a value of US $25,000 or more.
  • Our professional fees are either based on an lump sum agreement or on an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the mandate.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any mandate whose nature or object does not appear to comply with Canadian legislation or to the legislation in effect in the country of either contracting party, following issued by a lawyer of that jurisdiction.
  • Funds received in bitcoins at the beginning of the indenture will be given in bitcoins currency to the ultimate beneficiary. Our firm does not make any payment or exchange of bitcoins / national currency. We are neither a stock exchange market nor virtual currency brokers. We essentially provide services as trustees.