When putting your trust in the hands of a law firm when it comes to your fiduciary and escrow transactions, you secure for yourself some clear benefits such as:

  • Highest accuracy of services performed by legal professionals, trained in fiduciary management;
  • A solid watertight confidentiality, subject to the professional solicitor-client privilege, in accordance with Canadian legislation;
  • The certainty of the availability of funds at the right time;
  • The protection of your assets in virtual currency.

Practical Examples

Here are some examples when the use of trustee services might be useful:

  • You wish to buy a property and you want the bitcoins to be vested in trust during the change and the registration of property titles;
  • You want to vest a predetermined amount of bitcoins in trust, in order to serve a collateral security for a cash loan (national currency), or a credit guarantee;
  • As part of a mediation or a civil or commercial arbitration, you want bitcoins to be vested in trust until the end of the dispute and its complete resolution;
  • You wish to buy or sell a business, and in the interim, while due diligence is conducted, you want the bitcoins to be vested in trust.